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Geothermal heating

Go geothermal for great savings

A geothermal heat pump from Jim's Well Drilling & Pump Service is the perfect solution to the problem facing many home and business owners: high energy costs. A geothermal heat pump transfers heat to and from the ground to provide heating and cooling to your home at a fraction of the cost of a regular electric or gas system.

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-Uses the earth as a heat source in the winter and as

a heat sink in the summer

-Boosts heating a cooling efficiency

-Reduces operational costs of traditional heating

and cooling systems

-Geothermal systems can be easily installed by

our professional team

-We maintain all aspects of your geothermal system

We're happy to answer all your geothermal questions


From the initial consultation until the equipment is hauled away, we provide the finest customer service in Grayling, MI. We'll guide you through the process of installing a new geothermal heat pump.

Choose a geothermal system to save money on your energy bills

For advice on going geothermal in your home, call us.

When it comes to keeping your geothermal heat pump working properly, trust our team of trained professionals. We can repair and maintain all the geothermal systems.